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Pre-Op Patients

Our patients go into surgery with a full understanding of the procedure itself, and what to expect before, during and after their operation. Our work together is to prepare you for surgery so we can optimize your outcome. We'll also make sure to fill any prescriptions you may need so that you don't have to worry about them afterwards. We choose your surgical center based on the best facility for your particular procedure, on its reputation in the community, and on the skill level of its team.

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Post-Op Patients

Our goal is to minimize your appointment wait time after your surgery. Post-operative patients get first priority scheduling, and can expect to claim our earliest appointment times at 8:00 am - 9:00 am. Your appointment itself will be very brief so you can return home to recover. Please remember to bring your drops with you so we can make sure they are correct, and that you understand how to use them. We'll see you on day 1 after your surgery, and again at 1 week and 2 weeks.

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Maintaining Your Overall Health

While we are retinal specialists first, we take a systemic approach to your treatment. We take the time to do even the most basic things, like taking your vital signs and monitoring your weight because it helps us take better care of you. We focus on your wellness, diet, education, weight management, and mental health, and will provide regular support for you to manage these areas. There are also regular opportunities to meet with our research coordinator on a monthly basis to become part of one of our studies.

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Our Promise To You

From our front desk to our exam rooms, we promise a positive experience for all of our patients. We carefully hire the right people and create an environment where everyone can provide the highest level of patient support.

We'll work with you to remove any roadblocks to your care, whether it's coverage for an expensive prescription, transportation, aftercare follow-up, or just 'checking in' when you miss an appointment. Our hope is that we'll inspire you to take better care of yourself, and of others, by letting them know we're here for them too. Our approach stems from our belief that wellness involves more than just the eye and retina.

Before Your First Visit

Connect Us With Your Healthcare Team

In order to provide you with the best possible care, we'll need to know your primary care physician, cardiologist, nephrologist and other specialists treating you. Please email us your doctors' names and contact information so we can get connected with them. Your email should also include your A1C, or other data that will help us understand your overall health.

Get Ahead With Mobile Check-In

We use a HIPAA compliant office texting app, KLARA, to communicate directly to the team without staying in a phone que. Quick question, refill, pay a bill, ask a question, take a photo of your eye?

We also have a patient portal for you to update your health. We will review your answers in advance of your appointment so that we can spend less time on information gathering and more time in education and joint decision making about how to help you.

During Your Visit

You'll be brought back to the exam room as quickly as possible. Once there, we'll perform any testing and take a full set of measurements. Our office is securely networked and fully electronic and we walk you through your consultation with the aid of a 55" screen that will allow you to review all of the images we take. Our goal at your first visit is to take a fresh look at your retinal health, and get a plan in place for your treatment.


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